PowerPoint Karaoke 

The Winners Are In!

Slide Designers:
1. Michael Wilhelm, University of Cologne, “Don’t work hard, work smart”
2 (Tie)  Sheila Torres-Garcia, Universidad de La Laguna, “An encoded lightkey”
2. (Tie) Siddhartha Nanda, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, “Hybrid supercapacitors – The next gen energy storage device”
Slide Presenters:
1. Jin Lei, INRS
2. Sinedu Dejene, University of Ottawa
3. (tie) Siddhartha Nanda, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela
3. (tie) Manjot Grewal, McMaster University
3. (tie) Somdeb Ganguly, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela
Congratulations to all who participated in this event!


Top-three presenters (as voted on by the audience) will receive:  $250-$100-$50 gift certificate for any ACerS meeting or product.

Top-three slide designers (as voted on by the audience) will receive: $250-$100-$50 gift certificate for any ACerS meeting or product.

About PowerPoint Karaoke

If you want to take a break from the serious scientific presentations, you can join the PowerPoint karaoke in this year’s MCARE conference. PowerPoint karaoke is a fun event where you can present a single slide prepared by someone else in 1-2 minutes to improve your freestyle presentation skills. View the PowerPoint Karaoke Flyer here.

Date and Time: 8:00am-8:50am (EDT) on Wednesday, July 21st.

You can contribute with a slide, even if you do not register as PowerPoint karaoke presenter. If you register as a presenter, you can also provide a slide for someone else.

The topic of your slide can be anything ranging from research topics to fun stuff like the use of rubber ducks. (Keeping in mind that a stranger should be able to present something with the slide and thus it should be not too complicated.) We want to minimize the ruleset to encourage creativity, however, slides with inappropriate content (adult, graphic…) will not be accepted. Distribution of the slides to the presenters will be random, except if by chance a presenter would get his own slide. Here you can check the winning slides of a former event, as well as view the 2021 slide template and a sample slide.

2019 Winners

2021 Slide Template

Sample Slide

Deadline for sending the slides to the organizers: July 18, 2021, end of day. Email directly to aross@ceramics.org. If the file is too large to email, please send a dropbox (or similar) link.


Due to the limited time of the event, we can only have 15 presenters. The selection will be made by the principle “first come, first serve”. (You can also present without providing a slide.)

During the event, the presenters will see their allocated slides for the first time and have 5 minutes to prepare for their talk. The presentation should be 1-2 minutes max.

After everyone has presented, there will be an anonymous voting for best presentation, as well as for the best slide.

Deadline for signing up as a presenter: First come, first served to the first 15 to fill out the form below.