This conference features 29 symposia covering a range of focused topics, listed below.


G1 Powder Processing Innovation and Technologies for Advanced Materials and Sustainable Development
G2 Novel, Green, and Strategic Processing and Manufacturing Technologies
G3 Crystalline Materials for Electrical, Optical and Medical Applications
G4 Porous Ceramics for Advanced Applications through Innovative Processing
G5 Advanced Functional Materials, Devices, and Systems for Environmental Conservation, Pollution Control and Critical Materials
G6 Multifunctional Coatings for Sustainable Energy and Environmental Applications
G7 Ceramics modeling, genome and informatics
G8 Advanced Batteries and Supercapacitors for Energy Storage Applications
G9 Innovative Processing of Metal Oxide Nanostructures, Heterostructures and Composite Materials for Energy Storage and Production
G11 Smart Processing and Production Root Technology for Hybrid Materials
G13  Ceramic Additive Manufacturing and Integration Technologies
G14   Advanced CMCs: Processing, Evaluation, and Applications
 G15  Advanced Luminescent Materials and Their Applications
 Young Professional Forum II: Next-Generation Materials for Multifunctional Applications and Sustainable Development, and Concurrent Societal Challenges in the New Millennium



B1 Innovations in Glasses for Healthcare Applications: A Symposium in Honor of Delbert E. Day
B2 Advanced Additive Manufacturing Technologies for Bioapplications; Materials, Processes, and Systems
B3 Clinical Translation of Biomaterials and Biophysical Stimulation
B4 Multifunctional Bioceramics: Current and Future Therapy
B5 Nanotechnology in Medicine
B6 Advance Materials and Devices for the Treatment of Brain Disorders
B7 Materials and Process Challenges to Upscale Fabrication of 3D Tissue Constructs
B9 Advances in Production Methods and High-Performance Materials for Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Applications
B10 Point-of-Care Sensors and Diagnostic Devices
B11 Material Needs for Medical Devices
B12 Advanced Bioceramics and Clinical Applications
B13 Zirconia Bioceramics in Metal Free Implant Dentistry