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The Science and Technology of Flash Sintering of Ceramics

October 18, 2018 | 8:30 a.m. – Noon
Location: In conjunction with MS&T18, Hilton Columbus Downtown, Columbus, Ohio USA
Instructor: Rishi Raj, University of Colorado Boulder

Engineers and scientists in industry, national laboratories, and academia interested in flash sintering, in particular the emerging subfield of field-assisted sintering of ceramics, are encouraged to attend this course taught by an expert in the field.

Course Description

The following topics will be covered, each lasting approximately one hour, including time for questions and answers.

  • Fundamental experiments that reveal the phenomenology of flash sintering will be covered.
  • Delineation of the scientific mechanisms of flash, as best known at the present time, will be discussed. A critical discussion of the differences between the science of flash and conventional sintering will be included.
  • The technological potentials of flash sintering, the enabling potential of flash, and the methods and models for manufacturing with flash. Small-scale and large-scale applications will be covered in this course.

Instructor Biography

Rishi Raj, University of Colorado Boulder,  is a pioneer of flash sintering, an emerging subfield in the general area of field-assisted sintering of ceramics. His earlier work, stretching over 40 years, has explored various phenomena related to mass transport at high temperatures including deformation, fracture, and sintering. He seeks a confluence between simple laboratory experiments and the development of analytical models. The models couple experimental parameters to mechanics, and to atomistic thermodynamics and kinetics. His undergraduate degree in electrical engineering, from Durham University in the UK, received in 1964, has become an asset in understanding the influence of electrical fields on the sintering process.


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