UNITECR 2022 Proceedings

all unitecr 2022 presenters must submit a paper for the proceedings

Your options are

  • International Journal of Ceramic Engineering & Science (IJCES)
  • Proceedings only (not peer reviewed)

Benefits of publishing in IJCES

  • Global distribution to anyone with an internet connection for free
  • Easy to find with indexing in Google, Baidu, and academic search engines
  • Validation by ACerS expert editors and reviewers

UNITECR 2022 presenters receive a waiver of the article processing charge (APC) for manuscripts (a $1800 value).* Begin your submission by going to https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/ijces. Please follow these special instructions for UNITECR 2022 presenters:

  1. Submissions must be in Word document (*.doc, *.docx, *.rtf) files.
  2. Paper formatted according to the UNITECR2021_AuthorGuidelines is preferred.
  3. In the cover letter and in the custom questions for the APC and "special issue information" please note that you are a presenter at UNITECR2022 for us to provide the APC waiver.

All manuscripts will be included in the UNITECR 2022 proceedings with the "In peer review" designation.  Articles will be reviewed by IJCES editorial team according to our rigorous procedures. Articles accepted prior to the proceedings being finalized will have the article locator (URL) placed on its proceedings paper.

*UPDATE: Deadline for receiving APC waiver is November 15, 2021. Waivers are provided through Research4Life, Read and Publish agreements and ACerS/Wiley special funds as appropriate.

Questions? Contact Jonathon Foreman, managing editor, at jforeman@ceramics.org.

instructions to submit proceedings-only paper (not peer reviewed)

Authors who do not submit to IJCES are required to submit a paper for the collected UNITECR 2022 proceedings. Proceeding manuscripts should be submitted as “camera-ready” according to the UNITECR2021_AuthorGuidelines.

Your submitted paper must be approved but they will not be edited before posting online. The proceeding collection will be made available to registrants of the conference.

Final papers should be e-mailed to Greg Geiger (ggeiger@ceramics.org) as a MS Word document. Papers will be converted to a pdf file before posting online. The new deadline for submission is December 1, 2021.