ICACC 2022 Virtual Information for Chairs

The ACerS Executive Committee along with the meeting organizers from the ACerS Engineering Ceramics Division have decided to pivot the 46th International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites to a fully virtual conference. The conference dates will remain the same, January 23-28, 2022, and will run through our Bravura virtual platform in Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5).


Most of the ICACC program will run as on-demand content.  In addition to the Plenary and various award presentations, a limited number of sessions will be run as live content.  Moderators are required for the live content sessions.

Virtual Speakers

Virtual speakers may choose live presentation or to record their talk in our virtual conference platform, Bravura or through their own Zoom.  The due date for recorded video is January 20*.

There will be a discussion board attached to each session in Bravura, where all participants can pose questions to the presenters. Speakers are urged to check for messages after the day of their presentation.

ACerS does require its speakers to register for meetings to participate.

Please note:  All technical session content will be available to all paid attendees to view until March 31, 2022.

Plenary Session

We will livestream the plenary session on the first morning of the conference. Virtual attendees will be able to watch this live through the Bravura attendee platform, if they so choose. All attendees can watch the recording within 24 hours.