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FC Roadmap 2050

Roadmap description

Japan Fine Ceramics Association (JFCA) published a revised edition of FC Roadmap 2050 (the first edition in 2016), in December 2021. The 2021 edition covers six main fields - mobility, information and communications, healthcare and welfare, energy, infrastructure, and environment - on the vertical axis and three cross-cutting fields - sensors, batteries, semiconductor materials and devices - on the horizontal axis, having tried to cover the whole area as far as possible.

The roadmap consists of three levels: Market, Product, and Technology. Market describes overall trends, market size and market needs, Product describes functions and products expected from the market, and Technology describes the technology required to realize the product. Special efforts have been made to include materials and technologies relevant to ceramics in Technology section, so that it can be used by those interested in ceramics.

FC Roadmap 2050 itself covers 1-5 themes in each sector, with a roadmap for each theme and 27 roadmaps in 9 sectors.

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