Edwin Ruh, 82, president of Ruh International Inc., Pittsburgh, died Jan. 28, 2007.

He was a graduate of Rutgers University, holding BSc, MSc and PhD
degrees in ceramics. At the beginning of his career, he planned the
size and layout (and later oversaw the construction) of Harbison-Walker
Refractories Co.’s Garber Research Center, built in 1957; in 1967, he
planned the addition.

Ruh left his position as director of advanced technology at H-W to
become vice president of research at Vesuvius Crucible Co. in 1974. He
was an adjunct professor to Carnegie-Mellon University during 1976–84
and a research professor II at Rutgers during 1984–95. In 1982, he
formed Ruh International.

Ruh is survived by his wife, Bette, a son, a daughter and a brother.

A dedicated member of the Society, he served as president of ACerS
(1985–86), trustee and chair of the Refractory Ceramics Division, and
chair of the Pittsburgh Section. He also held membership in the Ceramic
Educational Council and the National Institute of Ceramic Engineers.

Ruh was made an ACerS Fellow in 1960 and a Distinguished Life Member
in 1994. In 1963, he received the Schwartzwalder-PACE Award, and in
1999, the Arthur Frederick Greaves-Walker Award.