NIST Structural Ceramics Database: Evaluated
materials property data for a wide range of advanced ceramics. Covers
the major series of compounds derived from the ceramic oxide, carbide,
nitride, boride, and oxynitride chemical families.

NIST High Temperature Superconducting Materials Database: Evaluated thermal, mechanical, and superconducting property data for oxide superconductors.

NIST Characterization of Fracture Origins in Advanced Ceramic Materials: Fracture Origin Characterization and the Flaw Catalog: Fracture origin characterization scheme; examples of the most common types of flaws observed in advanced ceramic materials.

NIST Property Data Summaries for Advanced Materials:
Collections of property values derived from surveys of published data.
Thermal, mechanical, structural, and chemical properties are included
in the collections.

NIST Fracture Property Data Summaries: Oxide Glasses

NIST Fracture Toughness Data for Ceramics

NIST Property Data Summaries: Sintered Alumina
NIST Property Data Summaries: Silicon Carbide

NIST Property Data Summaries: Y:123 Superconductors