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Technical papers

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Credit: Sean Winters; Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

E-Ceramics 2012 report


ACerS 110th Anniversary Celebration: 11 best papers 
The 11 best published papers from Journal of the American Ceramic Society and the International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology published from 1925–2007.


Bulletin feature article downloads

Advanced ceramics

Inside the engine environment—Synchrotrons reveal secrets of high-temperature ceramic coatings

It’s tough to be strong: Advances in bioinspired structural ceramic–based materials

MAX phases: Bridging the gap between metals and ceramics

Transparent polycrystalline cubic spinels protect and defend

A bright future for glass-ceramics

Ceramic-matrix composites enable revolutionary gains in turbine engine efficiency

High-efficiency, ceramic microchannel heat exchangers

                 Reaction-bonded boron carbide for lightweight armor: The interrelationship

                    between processing, microstructure, and mechanical properties

                 New facets for the role of defects in ceramics


Art & archaeology

Discovering the material secrets of art: Tools of cultural heritage science


Nanoceramic sensors for medical applications

‘Cotton candy’ that heals? Borate glass nanofibers look promising

Personal prototyping: Ceramics-based 3-D inkjet and laser printing technology offers customized tissue engineering, body parts and more

Bioactive glasses in soft tissue repair


Straight talk with Karen Scrivener on cements, CO2, and sustainable development

Breaking the reconstruction logjam

Bound for new frontiers: Cement researchers are bringing new strength, flexibility, self-healing capabilities and a smaller CO2 footprint to industry

                 Extreme durability in ancient Roman concretes


Piezotronics: A new field of strain-engineered functional semiconductor devices

High-temperature oxide thermoelectrics

                 Ceramics drive innovation and efficiencies in the semiconductor industry


Hidden treasures: Turning food waste into glass

Developments in electrohydrodynamic forming: Fabricating nanomaterials from charged liquids via electrospinning and electrospraying

Small-scale modular windmill

Getting renewables to the marketplace: A profile of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Energy harvesting: New materials and systems glean untapped microsources and megasources to power minisensors, electronics, remote surveillance equipment and even soldiers

Microspheres for energy applications

A123 Systems: Eight hard years for an ‘overnight success’

Lithium lowdown: Will Bolivia’s Evo Morales’ terms for mining block the road to battery innovation?

Solid oxide fuel cell commercialization, research, and challenges

Proppants for shale gas and oil recovery. Engineering ceramics for stimulation of unconventional energy resources


Clearing the air: Gas grief goes with new Selee filter


Glass microspheres hollow out a niche for anticounterfeiting strategies

Touchscreen surface warfare—Physics and chemistry of antimicrobial behavior of ion-exchanged silver in glass

Molten-core fabrication of novel optical fibers

Usable glass strength coalition: Patience, perseverance, and progress

Ensuring longevity: Ancient glasses help predict durability of vitrified nuclear waste

A bright future for glass-ceramics

Chalcogenide glass microphotonics: Stepping into the spotlight

Lighter, tougher, and optically advantaged: How an innovative combination of materials can enable better car windows today

                 Cover screens for personal electronic devices: Strengthened glass or sapphire?

                 What’s in and on that car? The role of ceramics and glass in the $4 trillion auto industry

                 Guiding light—How new materials are shaping the future of advanced optical fiber and laser systems



Business, licensing and intellectual property management

Ceramics in Australia: Raw and advanced materials drive Land Down Under’s global reach

India: Crossroads of traditional and advanced ceramics

German ceramics market

Canadian ceramic clout and modern Mexico: Far-reaching research

Ceramic advances in Japan: Achieving new breakthroughs, meeting new challenges

Global groundbreaker: France innovates and collaborates to serve society

Korea’s core competencies

Ceramics in South American and Practical Progress in Brazil

                 Markets of magnitude: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia take the lead in

                 Southeast Asian ceramic technology research, development, and cross-border



Manufacturing and business

Near net shaping of ceramic components—‘Plant tour’ of a custom manufacturer

Business, licensing and intellectual property management

Additive manufacturing–Turning manufacturing inside out

When ceramic powerhouses collaborate—How the 3M–Ceradyne merger drives innovation

Scaling up—The high potential of additive manufacturing for the ceramics industry

Case Study: Combining expertise and innovation to design advanced combination furnace systems

Additive manufacturing–Turning manufacturing inside out

Additive manufacturing techniques for fabricating complex ceramic components from preceramic polymers

                 To infinity and beyond: Outer space applications of 3-D ceramics printed via inkjet methods


Graphene nanocomposite coatings for protecting low-alloy steels from corrosion

Nanoscale ceramic surface modification of textiles by atomic layer deposition

Nanophase ceramics for improved drug delivery

Micromilling of uniform nanoparticles for space applications


Materials for nuclear energy in the post-Fukushima era, an interview with John Marra

Is there room for porosity in nuclear ceramics? What we can learn from dynamic microstructures in extreme conditions


DARPA’s Materials Development for Platforms program seeks to optimize design to accelerate new materials development

Hot matters—Experimental methods for high-temperature property measurement

Rare Earths: Restricted

                 Honoring the ACerS Awards Class of 2017



Innovation at Unifrax: A win–win proposition

Refractory material selection for steelmaking 

Rare earths: Restricted

Ceramics in South American and practical progress in Brazil

Hot matters—Experimental methods for high-temperature property measurement

Case study—Applying lateral thinking to process development and optimization of specialty kiln furniture



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