Final Program

Meeting Description
ICCPS has evolved from a focus on particle-based processes to now including thin film processes, precursor approaches and all facets of the science underlying the basic themes of control and tailoring of ceramic-based materials with specific microstructure-property goals. This year’s plenary speakers included David Pine, New York University; Hiroaki Imai, Keio University, Japan; Christophe Martin, Grenoble INP, France; Ludwig Gauckler, ETH, Switzerland; and James J. Watkins, University of Massachusetts.
Meeting Summary

ICCPS-12 Report
American Ceramic Society Bulletin, Vol. 92, No. 8, pg. 57.

Meeting History

ICCPS-12 marked the 27th anniversary of the ceramic processing science series. Since 1986, the discipline has made significant progress in colloid and surface chemistry, powder synthesis, precursor-derived systems and sintering. However, much needs to be done to advance the scientific underpinnings of these processes, as well as the emergent areas of nanotechnology and its associated challenges, particle assembly, patterning, additive manufacturing, rapid sintering, and densification of complex shapes and multimaterial combinations.