Exploring Business Opportunities and Trends

The Second Annual Ceramic Leadership Summit, held August 1-3, 2012 in Baltimore, MD, attracted 125 attendees, with more than sixty percent of the attendees from the corporate sector. This unique and powerful meeting focused on some of the most important strategic issues confronting the ceramics and glass community. Invited speakers included some of the most respected leaders in the ceramic and glass community, and the highly interactive format took advantage of the tremendous amount of expertise included in the audience.

The Summit was organized into general sessions and concurrent tracks that covered Energy Innovations, Business of Ceramics, and Innovative Applications for Ceramic Materials.

We would like to thank David W. Johnson Jr., Peter Wray, Edwin Fuller and Steve Freiman for serving as moderators for the Ceramic Leadership Summit.

Save the Date! The 3rd Annual Ceramic Leadership Summit will be
included as part of the

4th International Congress on Ceramics, which is
being held July 15-19. 2012, in Chicago.

2011 Final Program

Presentations from CLS 2011

General Session 1
Advanced Ceramics for Sustainability – View from Siemens Corporate Technology
-Wolfgang Rossner, Technology Leader Ceramics, Siemens AG Corporate Technology

Emerging Applications and Challenges in Using Ceramics at General Electric
-Krishan L. Luthra, Technology Leader, Ceramics & Metallurgy, GE Global Research

General Session 3
A Small U.S. Company’s approach to China
-Thomas A. Cole, VP of Business Development, Ceradyne, Inc.

Closing General Session
Connecting Research, Technology and Manufacturing
-Alexander Michaelis, Director, Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems

Energy Innovations
Advances in Solid State Batteries
-Kevin S. Jones, Professor MSE, University of Florida, Co-Director, Software & Analysis of Advanced Materials Processing Center and Collaborator with Planar Energy

Ceramic Components for Fuel Cells and Other Energy Applications
John Olenick, CEO & President, ENrG, Inc.

Material Needs in Alternative & Renewable Energy for the Automotive Industry
-Mark Verbrugge, Director, Chemical Sciences and Materials Systems Lab, GM Research & Development Center

Business of Ceramics

Emerging Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology Applications, Industry Trends and Current and Future Markets

Tom Abraham, President, Innovative Research and Products, Inc.

Raw Materials Trends Impacting the Ceramics and Glass Community
-Mark Patterson, Director Research Initiatives, College of Engineering, University of Arizona

Raw Material Scarcity and its Impact on the U.S. Advanced Ceramic Technological Development, An Industrial Perspective
-Michael D. Hill, Technical Director Research and Development, Trans-Tech, Inc.

Innovative Applications for Ceramic Materials
Ultrahigh Temperature Ceramics for Extreme Environmental Applications
-Sylvia M. Johnson, Chief Materials Technologist in the Entry Vehicles and Systems Division, NASA Ames Research Center  Note: No endorsement by NASA of a product or service should be implied by any use of this presentation.

Bioengineering Soft Tissue with Ceramics
-Steve Jung, Senior Research & Development Engineer, MO-SCI Corporation

Advances in Glass Strength and Its Impact on Society
Louis Mattos Jr., Senior Scientist, The Coca-Cola Company

Ceramic Applications in the Automotive Industry
Michael J. Hoffmann, Professor and Head of the Institute of Ceramics for Mechanical Engineering, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)