Cements Division Annual Meeting

Final Program

Meeting Description
The 4th Advances in Cement-based Materials, hosted July 8-10, takes place at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Cements 2013 is co-organized by the Cements Division of ACerS and the Center for Advanced Cement-based Materials. The 2013 Della Roy Lecturer is Prof. Leslie Struble from the University of Illinois, and she will present Calcium in Geopolymers. Don’t miss Monday afternoon’s tutorial, Probing the Structure of Hydration Products, featuring Eric Landis, University of Maine; Rohit Bhargava, University of Illinois; Leslie Struble, University of Illinois; and Jeffrey Thomas, Schlumberger-Doll Research. On behalf of the Cements Division of The American Ceramic Society, congratulations to: Bernie O’hare, rachel a. Steinle, hayden Black, pearl Kaplan, Michael w. Grutzeck and alan J. Benesi, Evidence of Solid Water Bridges Found in Hydrating Tricalcium Silicate Paste. Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2011. 94 (4): p. 1250–1255.
Technical Program

The technical program covers these symposia:

  • Cement chemistry and nano/microstructure
  • Alternative cementitious materials
  • Rheology and Advances in SCC
  • Smart materials and sensors
  • Advances in material characterization techniques
  • Durability and lifecycle modeling
  • Advances in computational material science and chemo/mechanical modeling of cement based materials
On or Before
June 14, 2013
June 14, 2013
ACerS Member or ACBM Member $225 $375
ACerS Member with membership renewal $345 $495
Nonmember $345 $495
ACerS Emeritus/Senior Member $180 $330
Material Advantage Student Member $55 $130
Student: Not in Material Advantage $95 $170
Student Activities

The Cements Division has planned several activities on Monday with a focus on students:

12:00-4:40 pm: Tutorial: Probing the Structure of Hydration Products
Take a look at the Final Program to see the impressive line-up of speakers. The tutorial content has been put together with students in mind. The tutorial also includes a lab tour.

5:00 – 7:00 pm
Poster Session and Opening Reception
The Cements Division will sponsor its annual student poster contest, with cash prizes for the best posters!

7:00 – 8:00 pm
Student Networking Dinner. Location to be announced. Join fellow students for a fun, casual dinner and get to meet others with similar interests!

By co-locating with ACBM, the Cements Division will build upon our core audience, offer strong student activities for training and bring in new members.
Paramita Mondal
Program Co-Chair

Assistant Professor
University of Illinois

(217) 333-3069

David Lange

Program Co-Chair


University of Illinois

(217) 333-4816

Tyler Ley

Program Co-Chair

Associate Professor

Oklahoma State University

(405) 744-5257

Cements Division Leadership
Division Chair: Benjamin Mohr, Tennessee Tech University
Chair-Elect: Kyle Riding, Kansas State University
Secretary: Jeff Chen, Lafarge Ceutre de Recherche
Trustee: Joseph J. Biernacki, Tennessee Technological University
ACBM Leadership
Director: Jason Weiss