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Cements 2015 Symposia

 Cements 2015

Submit abstracts by March 31


Technical Program  

 Authors will present oral and poster presentations in: 

  • Cement chemistry and nano/microstructure  Hydration of cement, aqueous thermodynamics and high-temperature chemistry, supplementary cementitious materials, structure and properties of C-S-H and C-S-H composites, and microstructure evolution.
  • Advances in material characterization techniques New developments regarding experimental techniques for characterizing hydration, nano/microstructure, early age properties, rheology, hardened properties, durability, and other physical and chemical phenomena of cementitious materials and cement-based composites.
  • Alternative cementitious materials Manufacture of next generation cements, including low energy/”green” cements, geopolymers, and other novel binders. Addition of nano-sized and nano-structured materials, including organic additives and their interactions in cementitious systems.
  • Durability and lifecycle modeling Properties of cement pastes governing durability, concrete deterioration mechanisms, methodology for testing durability, transport processes, and service life predictions.
  • Advances in computational material science and chemo/mechanical modeling of cement based materials New developments in modeling the behavior of cement-based materials, including chemical, mechanical, and physical behavior as applied to durability and interaction of cementitious materials with the environment; hydration kinetics and microstructural evolution modeling.
  • Smart materials and sensors Advances in sensor technology for monitoring fresh, hardened properties and physical and chemical degradation processes.
  • Rheology and Advances in SCC New development in measuring fresh behavior of concrete, modeling viscosity and yield stress, methods and application of self-consolidating concrete.