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ACerS 119th Annual Meeting and Awards

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ACerS will host its 119th Annual Meeting in conjunction with MS&T17. Plan your schedule so you can attend this meeting from 1-2 p.m. on Monday, October 9, in room 309 of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. The annual meeting will feature the outgoing president’s State of the Society report, the incoming president’s vision, new officer inductions, and a members’ town hall and question and answer session. This is a great opportunity be proactive and get involved with your society’s present and future.

If ceramics and glass are a part of your world, then you should join your fellow members for ACerS meetings, lectures, special events, short courses, and more, while at MS&T. To view the complete ACerS at MS&T17 event schedule, click here.

ACerS is featuring the following award lectures. Take the opportunity to listen to your award-winning ceramics and glass materials colleagues’ latest findings. Please note that all lectures will be held at the Convention Center in the rooms indicated below.

ACerS/EPDC Arthur L. Friedberg Ceramic Engineering Tutorial and Lecture

9-10 a.m., October 9, Room 315

Rosario A. Gerhardt, Georgia Institute of Technology

Structure-property-processing relationships in composite materials

For abstract click here



Richard M. Fulrath Award Session

 2-4 p.m., October 9, Room 315


     Klaus Van Benthem, University of California, Davis

     Do fields matter? — Microstructure evolution in ceramic oxides

     For abstract click here



     Jon Ihlefeld, University of Virginia
     New functionality from reconfigurable ferroelastic domains in ferroelectric  films

     For abstract click here



     Akitoshi Hayashi, Osaka Prefecture University

     Development of ion-conducting glasses for solid-state batteries

     For abstract click here




     Chie Kawamura, Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

     Synthesis of high crystalline and fine BaTiO3 powder for thinner Ni-MLCCs Via Solid State Root

      For abstract click here


     Hideki Tanaka, Shoei Chemical, Inc.
     Development of mass production of Ni-nanopowder for the internal electrode of MLCC by DC thermal

      For abstract click here


Alfred R. Cooper Award Session

2-5 p.m., October 10, Room 310

     Cooper Distinguished Lecture

     Edgar Zanotto, Federal University of Sao Carlos

     The ultimate fate of glass

     For abstract click here



     2017 Alfred R. Cooper Young Scholar Award Presentation

     Yushu Hu, University of California, Los Angeles

     Glass relaxation is controlled by the topology of the atomic network

     For abstract click here


ACerS Frontiers of Science and Society–Rustum Roy Lecture

1-2 p.m., October 10, Room 315

Qingjie Zhang, Wuhan University of Technology
Global energy challenges and development of thermoelectric materials and systems in China

For abstract click here

Basic Science Division Robert B. Sosman Lecture

1-2 p.m., October 11, Room 315

Michael J. Hoffmann, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Grain growth in perovskite-based ceramics

For abstract click here

Edward Orton Jr. Memorial Lecture

MS&T Plenary Session

9:50 a.m., October 10, Spirit of Pittsburgh Ballroom

Steven J. Zinkle, University of Tennessee/Oak Ridge National Laboratory

What’s new in nuclear reactors?

For abstract click here