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Yosuke Takahashi Bio

Yosuke Takahashi is the deputy general manager of Research and Development Center at Noritake Co., Limited, Japan.

He graduated from the Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Tokyo University of Science, in 1999. He received a master’s degree of Pure and Applied Chemistry from Tokyo University of Science in 2001 and joined Noritake Co., Limited in the same year. He received his doctoral degree of Engineering from Department of Frontier Materials, Nagoya Institute of Technology in 2011.

His research focuses on development of mixed-ion conducting ceramics of perovskite oxides and glass sealing materials. He also developed process technologies using these materials for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) and oxygen permeable membranes at Noritake Co., Limited. Some of these materials he developed are mass-produced and industrialized. His research of highly-efficient and low-cost ceramics materials and their processes has contributed to step toward the practical use of SOFC.

He has also participated in various governmental projects as a leading researcher. In the Strategic Innovation Promotion Program that he joined, ammonia is expected to be a carbon-free energy carrier for the new generation. With the SOFC that can directly use ammonia, he has demonstrated the world’s largest experiment of power generation using ammonia.

He has been an author of 17 technical articles. He holds 111 registered patents in Japan, three registered patents in the US, and six registered patents in other countries.