EMA 2013

Final Program

Meeting Description

The Electronic Materials and Applications meeting in Orlando, Fla., January 23–25, attracted more than 260 attendees, about 90 more than last year’s meeting. It was organized by Bryan Huey (University of Connecticut), Quanxi Jia (Los Alamos National Laboratory), and Timothy Haugan (Wright Patterson Air Force Base).

This was the fourth year for EMA, which is the joint meeting for the Electronics Division and the Basic Science Division. Three new symposia were organized this year, including a symposium looking at interdisciplinary challenges, “LEDs and Photovoltaics beyond the Light: Common Challenges and Opportunities.”

The symposium talks were reminders that materials are used in systems and that systems designers and the materials science communities benefit from working together.

Learn more about EMA 2014 hosted in Orlando, Florida January 22-24, 2014.

Meeting Summary

EMA 2013 Report
American Ceramic Society Bulletin, Vol. 92. No. 3, pg 50.

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Meeting History

Electronic Materials and Applications 2010 was the first in a series of annual meetings to be held in Florida. Hosted by the Electronics and Basic Science Divisions of ACerS, the meeting’s focus was on cutting-edge electronic ceramic applications.