The EHS Workshop was hosted June 9-10, 2008 in the Sheraton Hotel in Crystal City, Virginia. This workshop addressed the measurement and data needs of industry, regulatory agencies and academia. Participants explored and prioritized needs and developed an action plan to deal with the issues.

ACerS hosted a followup webinar on this topic. Information is available at Ceramic Materials Web Seminars or you can purchase the seminar.

Meeting Summary

Environmental, Health & Safety Issues in Nanomaterials

American Ceramic Society Bulletin, Vol. 87. No. 7, pg 19-21.

Workshop Presentations

Measuring the United States Measurement System Clare Allocca, United States Measurement System Office, National Institute of Standards and Technology
A Needs-Based Assessment of Nanotechnology Environmental Health & Safety Tom Campbell, ADA Technologies and Clare Allocca, NIST
EHS- The Smaller Company Perspective Alan Rae, NanoDynamics
Nano-Materials & Health – An Industrial Hygiene Update Donald Ewert, Oso BioPharmaceuticals Manufacturing
Metrology Needs for Nano-EHS- An Instrument Manufacturers Perspective Craig Wall, Agilent AFM
European Perspectives on EHS Kamal Hossain, National Physical Laboratory-UK
Measurements and Standardization Needs for Predicting Nano-Biointeractions Kristen M. Kulinowsk, Rice University
Sharing What We Know Pre-Competitively, Or Is it Time for Nano-Informatics? John Rumble, Information International Associates
Developing Nano-Measurements and Standards – The NIST Role Angela Hight Walker, NIST
NIOSH Guidance on Nanotechnology: Protecting Our Workers Charles L. Geraci, NIOSH
Strategies for Assessing Nanomaterial Health Risks in Consumer Products Treye A. Thomas, Directorate for Health Sciences, U.S. Consumer Product Safety
A DuPont Perspective on Nano Environment, Health, and Saftey Greg Blackman, Mark Wetzel, Keith Swain, Tracey Rissman, Michele Ostraat, and Shekhar Subramoney, DuPont
The NanoHealth Enterprise: Opportunity for Partnerships in Nanoscience Research Communities Sally Tinkle, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Chair, Health Implications Working Group,

Trans-NIH Task Force