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Usable Glass Strength – Forming a Research Coalition

Glass & Optical Materials Division Meeting

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Workshop Description  

GMIC/DOE will sponsor the Usable Glass Strength – Forming a Research Coalition Workshop, hosted in conjunction with GOMD 2010. The workshop will cover significant improvement of the usable strength of commercial glass products. The program goal is to establish an industry/university/government research coalition to support a multi-year glass strength research agenda. Targeted outcomes include identification of critical research areas, appointing of participant roles, alignment of research proposals with funding resources, and defining the time line for execution of the research agenda.

Full conference registration includes admission into the 2-day workshop, but attendees must purchase Wednesday’s dinner ticket separately. For those that only attend the Workshop, Wednesday’s dinner with Keynote Speaker David L. Morse is included. Space is limited so sign up to attend the workshop today.

Tentative Schedule  

 Wednesday, 19 May – 1 to 9 PM  

  • Tour of World Kitchen, maker of Corelle high strength glass tableware. Additional tours possible.
  • Dinner with Keynote Speaker: David L. Morse, Corning Incorporated, Senior Vice President – Science and Technology, and Director Corporate Research – Topic: “Thin Strong Glass”

 Thursday, 20 May – 8 AM to 4 PM

  • Morning Session: Presentation by Strategic Strength Team of Strawman proposal identifying challenges, requirements, and opportunities for developing strong glass.
  • Luncheon: Keynote Speaker from Owens Corning Speaker (TBD), “Open Innovation – The Radical Future of R&D – across Corporate and National Boundaries”
  • Afternoon Session: The Core Research Team will present a review of the key research areas and their proposals for 3 key research initiatives in each of 6 focus areas
    • Q&A – discussion
    • Participants will prioritize the research proposals
    • Identify a “champion” team for each approved proposal
    • Set timeline for action

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