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NSF Ceramic Materials Principal Investigator Workshop 2010

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2010 Workshop Description

The National Science Foundation Ceramic Materials Principal Investigator Workshop is designed for the professional development of Principal Investigators and co-PIs who have recently received NSF grants in the Ceramics Program. This free September 9-10, 2010 event is hosted at NSF headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. The goals of the workshop are to educate attendees about the Proposal, Award and Reporting processes, to provide an environment for attendees to collaborate and share information on research projects with other materials professionals, and to engage PIs to provide feedback to ACerS and NSF.

2010 Schedule-at-a-glance
8-9 Registration and coffee
9-9:15 Welcome from ACerS and NSF
9:15-10:30 Introductions to Faculty and Projects
10:30-10:45 Coffee Break
10:45-11:45 Introductions continue
11:45-Noon Presentation + Discussion: Overview of GOALI solicitation – Don Senich and Glenn Larsen of ENG; Celeste Rohlfing and Lynnette Madsen of MPS.
Noon-1:15 Lunch/Discussion: GOALI program with Celeste Rohlfing, Donald Senich, Glenn H. Larsen.
What would you add or change about the GOALI
program and website?
What positive experiences have you had with
1:15-1:45 Presentation: The Changing Media Landscape – Dana Topousis & Maria Zacharias from NSF’s Office of Legislative & Public Affairs (OLPA)
1:45-2:15 Presentation + Q&A: “Media 101” – Dana Topousis, Maria Zacharias & Lisa VanPay of OLPA.
What makes a good story? What is newsworthy? Getting your stories out – working with your institution’s Public Affairs Officer (including press releases); NSF media partnerships and news platforms
2:15-3 Presentation + Discussion: Proposal Reviews – Lynnette Madsen
Overview of process (ad hoc and panel), review criteria, what is most effective in arriving at a recommendation.
3-3:30 Presentation + Q&A: Writing Effective Highlights – Karen Sandberg and Amber Jones of OLPA (Examples and a preview of NSF’s Science, Engineering & Education Innovation)
3:30-4 Working Session: Highlight Exchange – Exchange your highlight with someone you just met. Work on improving each other’s highlight.
4-4:15 Tea Break
4:15-4:45 Discuss highlight suggestions with each other.
4:45-5:15 Reports from tables: Describe one scientific highlight and from a different award, one broader impact highlight.
5:15-6 Poster Session
6:30 Dinner at Tutto Bene Italian Restaurant & Grill. Located approximately 2 blocks from NSF.
8-9 Coffee
9-9:30 Presentation + Discussion Topic: Annual and Final Reports (due dates, expectations, zero balance and final reports) — Lynnette Madsen
9:30-10 Presentation: Proposal Submissions (including supplemental requests) – Lynnette Madsen
10-10:15 Coffee Break
10:15-11 Q&A about proposal submissions
11-Noon Group Discussions:

  •  What improvements or changes could the Ceramics Program make?
  •  What do you want or need from a professional scientific society?
  •  What are the biggest issue facing material scientists today?
Noon-2 Lunch and Poster Session 2
2-3 Large Group Discussion and Survey – Feedback on the PI Meeting.

  • What part of this meeting was the most meaningful for you and why?
  • Should there be future PI meetings?
  • What would do you think should be included at future PI meeting?
  • What do you wish you understood better at NSF?
  • How would you like to become more involved with NSF?