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S16: Direct Thermal to Electrical Energy Conversion Materials and Applications



Recently, there have been significant advances in direct thermal to-electrical energy conversion materials. This symposium will highlight a combination of new theoretical ideas, new materials and new device concepts. It will focus on novel materials, various processing and synthesis methods along with technologies and applications related to direct thermal-to-electric energy conversion, specifically: thermoelectrics (TE), and thermionics. Thermal, electrical and mechanical properties of new materials
and the processing of those materials into device structures will be emphasized. The symposium also intends to highlight material & device-design innovations that lead to higher efficiency thermal to electric energy conversion technologies. Theoretical studies of transport properties, band structure and crystal chemistry of materials, thermodynamic analysis and energy transfer will also be included. Experimental efforts will include new capabilities in solid-state synthesis, new bulk materials, thin films, superlattices and nanostructured materials. Specifically, we will highlight recent advances in the ever-growing field of thermoelectric nanocomposites, which are nano materials or inherent nanostructures in a bulk thermoelectric material matrix. We will also highlight advances in the use of spark plasma sintering in the development of high performance TE materials. New developments in material property and device performance measurements and metrology will be presented.


Proposed Symposium Topics

  • Oxides and Other Materials With Strong Electron Correlation
  • Theoretical Guidance to High Efficiency Thermoelectric (TE) Energy Conversion
  • New and Emerging Technologies for TE Power Conversion
  • High Efficiency Bulk TE Materials
  • Low Dimensional Aspects of TE Materials
  • Nano Scale Thermoelectric Materials
  • Functionally Graded Materials
  • Thermoelectrics Related to Harvesting Solar Energy
  • Thermionics and Other Related Topics
  • Synthetic Strategies for Preparing Novel Materials and Compounds
  • Role of Spark Plasma Sintering Techniques for TE Materials
  • Thermoelectric Nanocomposite Materials
  • Processing of Bulk and Thin Film Nanostructured Materials
  • Materials Property Measurement and New Metrology Techniques
  • Design, Performance Testing, Fabrication and Processing of Energy Conversion Devices
  • Device Performance Requirements for Future Applications
  • Applications and New Directions in Thermal Energy Conversion
  • Mechanical Properties of Various TE Materials

Symposium Organizers
Terry M. Tritt, Clemson University, USA
Kunihito Koumoto, Nagoya University, Japan
T. J. Zhu, Zhejiang University, China
Chan Park, Seoul National University, Korea
Sidney Lin, Lamar University, USA


Points of Contact
Terry M. Tritt, (864) 656-5319


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