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S23: Advances in Biomineralized Ceramics, Bioceramics, and Bioinspired Designs



Research that combines ceramics and biology has generated significant interest in recent years. Biomineralization is the basis to understanding self-assembled growth of mineralized tissues whether it is in bone, seashells, eggs, crustaceans or diatoms. Understanding the influence of the organic/inorganic interaction is paramount to this understanding. Organic/inorganic interactions also occur in implantable bio- and bioactive ceramics used in, for example, dental and orthopedic applications. Bioinspired materials designs have focused on forming ordered assemblies of organic/inorganic constituents with the potential to be mechanically robust. This symposium will address these topics as well as the development of new materials, bioactive ceramics, porous bioceramics, self-assembly, nanostructured materials, biocompatibility, mechanical properties and other topics that focus on ceramics in a biological environment or the fabrication of ceramic structures in a biological fluid or other organic substance.


Proposed Symposium Topics

  • Mineralization processes, self-assembly and organic/inorganic structures
  • Natural ceramics and composites (seashells, bone, diatoms, teeth, etc.)
  • Biomimetic synthesis of ceramics and composites
  • Orthopedic implants, bone cements, bone scaffolding
  • Dental ceramics
  • Porous bioceramics, resorbable bioceramics and degradation
  • Bioactive ceramics
  • New materials and composites
  • Biologically inspired ceramics
  • Surfaces and biocompatibility
  • Mechanical properties and biomechanics

Symposium Organizers
Po-Yu Chen, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, ROC
Laurie Gower, University of Florida, USA
Joanna McKittrick, University of California, USA
Rizhi Wang, University of British Columbia, Canada
Hyoun-Ee Kim, Seoul National University, Korea

Points of Contact

Joanna McKittrick, (858) 534-5425
Laurie Gower
, (352) 846-3336


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