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SB: Glass Technology and Cross-cutting Topics



This symposium will showcase current developments in crosscutting topics in the area of glass technology and applications. Because of their nature, glasses can be melted, molded, drawn, pressed, fiberized, and shaped at multiple scales while still retaining exceptional physical and other properties. These characteristics of glass have led to functionalities and applications in many fields of technology including energy storage, electronics, optics, and engineering. Some of the proposed topics for this symposium include glass melting, thermal processing, and glassceramics production. Additionally, papers on environmental effects on glasses and optical materials related to radiation damage and corrosion are encouraged. Finally, a special session on the use of ultrafast spectroscopy techniques in glass and ceramics science and engineering is planned.


Proposed Symposium Topics

  • Glass melting and thermal processing
  • Glass-ceramics
  • Ionic conductors
  • Radiation damage in glasses and glass-ceramics
  • Surface reactions and corrosion processes
  • Glass strengthening (chemical, mechanical, and thermal)
  • Ultrafast spectroscopy techniques

Symposium Organizers
Kelly Simons-Potter, University of Arizona, USA
Steve Martin, Iowa State University, USA
S. K. Sundaram, Alfred University, USA


Points of Contact
S. K. Sundaram, (607) 871-2789


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