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T1S2: Ceramics-related Materials, Devices, and Processing for Heat-to-electricity Direct Conversion Aiming at Green and Sustainable Human Societies

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Ceramic technologies for sustainable development


This symposium will provide a forum to discuss ceramic materials and processing for thermoelectric, thermionic, and thermophotovoltaic materials and technologies in heat-to-electricity direct conversion. Materials and processing to optimize efficiency will be covered. Cost vs. performance aspects of heat-to-electricity direct conversion emphasizing electrical and thermal transport properties tailored to global environmental safety and sustainability will also be discussed.


Proposed session topics:

  • High-performance materials for heat-to-electricity direct conversion
  • New concepts and strategies for novel thermoelectric materials
  • Ceramic and novel processing for thermoelectric materials and devices
  • Advanced thermoelectric devices and modules and system-level applications
  • Solid-state and defect chemistry on thermoelectric materials and candidates
  • Theoretical studies of bulk materials and low-dimensional nanostructures
  • New thermoelectric materials


  • Michitaka Ohtaki, Kyushu University, Japan
  • Ryoji Funahashi, AIST, Japan
  • Qiang Li, Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA
  • Yuzuru Miyazaki, Tohoku University, Japan
  • Takao Mori, National Institute for Materials Science, Japan
  • Tsunehiro Takeuchi, Toyota Technological Institute, Japan
  • Terry M. Tritt, Clemson University, USA


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