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Ancient Glasses

2011 Glass & Optical Materials Division Spring Meeting

Ancient glasses are important materials for the study of sociology, archeology, geology, conservation, and glass science. They come in many forms, including natural basalts, impact ejecta, lightning fusions, and weathered ancient artifacts. The scientific understanding of the structure and alteration of these materials can assist the interpretation these materials pose for each discipline. For example, in nuclear waste management the long-term behavior of glass determined from experiments that have been in progress with ancient glasses for 1000s of years can be of great assistance in the verification of repository calculations. Although much less constrained than the ideal, natural and man-made analogues provide the possibility of examining experiments of a far greater duration than possible in laboratory experiments. In this session, talks will be given by an interdisciplinary mix of scientists who have dealt with ancient glasses, natural glasses, and nuclear waste glasses in order to foster improved collaborations between these scientists.


Denis Strachan, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA


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