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S14: Advanced Materials and Technologies for Rechargeable Batteries


Preliminary Program – Symposium 14

Improvements in materials design, electrodes architecture, and cell chemistry are required to extend the life, enhance the safety, and lower the cost of rechargeable lithium batteries that are regarded nowadays as the most efficient energy storage systems for portable electronics, medical, military, renewable energy storage, smart grid, and transportation applications. A deeper understanding of the battery materials/property relationship, electrode/electrolyte interface phenomena, and cell failure mechanisms is also needed to face these challenges. The search for advanced high capacity electrode materials and the implementation of the very challenging lithium-air batteries will be necessary to overcome the energy density shortfall in current lithium batteries. Abstracts are solicited on the fundamental and applied aspects of rechargeable lithium batteries, lithium-air batteries, and beyond lithium battery technologies. This symposium will allow for discussion amongst the many groups involved in the development and use on these technologies.

Proposed Session Topics

  • Advanced anode and cathode materials for lithium batteries
  • Materials design, screening, and electrode architectures for lithium batteries
  • Diagnostics and materials characterization for lithium batteries
  • Electrode/electrolyte interface characterization for lithium batteries
  • Applications focused lithium batteries
  • Lithium metal-air battery technology
  • Beyond lithium batteries
  • Sodium batteries

Symposium Organizers

  • Ilias Belharouak, Argonne National Lab, USA
  • Mickael Badding, Corning, Inc, USA
  • Marca Doeff, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, USA
  • Dominique Guyomard, Institut des Matériaux Jean Rouxel, France
  • Shirley Meng, Univ. of California San Diego, USA
  • Jai Prakash, Illinois Institute of Technology, USA
  • Dileep Singh, Argonne National Lab, USA
  • Yang-Kook Sun, Hanyang Univ., Republic of Korea

Points of Contact
Ilias Belharouak, Phone: +1 (630) 252 4450

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