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S11: Nanomaterials for Sensing Applications: From Fundamentals to Device Integration


Preliminary Program – Symposium 11

Nanomaterials exhibit new properties with significant potential for sensing applications. Nevertheless, for such nanostructures to realize their full potential they must be integrated in complex and large scale architectures as well as their fundamental properties need to be well-known and fully controlled. Thus, advances in nanoscience and nanotechnology are required to attain better sensors in the future.

This symposium will focus on science and technology of nanostructured materials with interesting and promising properties for sensing applications. Beside approaches towards novel synthesis, processing and modeling of their structure-property correlations at the nanometer length scales, their practical application in different sensing technologies will make up the major thrust areas. Integration of nanostructured materials in proof-of-concept devices close to the industry requirements will be given particular attention.

Symposium Organizers

  • Francisco Hernandez-Ramirez, Catalonia Institute for Energy Research and Univ. of Barcelona Barcelona, Spain
  • Jia Grace Lu, Univ. of Southern California, USA
  • Alexander Gaskov, Moscow State Univ., Russia
  • Gerhard Müller, EADS Deutschland GmbH – Innovation Works, Munich, Germany
  • Ignasi Vilajosana, Worldsensing, Spain

Points of Contact
Francisco Hernandez-Ramirez

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