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S4-Armor Ceramics: Challenges and New Developments

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When properly combined with other materials, ceramic and glass materials can exhibit ballistic penetration resistances significantly higher than conventional monolithic armor materials. As a result, a number of armor technologies have been developed based on ceramic and glass materials, providing levels of protection against a wide array of ballistic threats. Despite this reality, current knowledge on the effect of a ceramic body’s physical, chemical, structural, and mechanical characteristics on its response to high pressure, large deformation, transient loading conditions typical of ballistic events is limited. Clearly, the lack of a comprehensive understanding of processing structure-properties-performance relationships has been a hindrance to the development of new materials through conventional and advanced processes, as well as materials-by-design strategies. This symposium is an opportunity for attendees from industry, academia, and government organizations to meet and participate in open discussions on the myriad of scientific and engineering problems associated with the development and application of ceramic and glass materials for ballistic protection. Problems of interest include (but are not limited to) the synthesis and processing of new materials, new synthesis and processing methods, materials-by-design paradigm, microstructural characterization, quasi-static and dynamic mechanical behavior and mechanisms, fracture and fragmentation, phase transformations, ballistic behavior and phenomena, advanced characterization/test methods and analyses, process and materials modeling, and bonding of materials.


Proposed Session Topics

  • Ballistic behavior
  • Synthesis & processing
  • Materials characterization
  • Quasi-static and dynamic behavior
  • Materials and process modeling
  • Bonding of materials

Symposium Organizers

  • Jerry LaSalvia, ARL, USA
  • Jeffrey Swab, ARL, USA
  • David Stepp, ARO, USA
  • James McCauley, ARL, USA
  • Sikhanda Satapathy, ARL, USA
  • Andrew Wereszczak, ORNL, USA
  • Michael Golt, ARL, USA
  • Steve Kilczewski, ARL, USA
  • Robert Pavlacka, ARL, USA
  • Kristopher Behler, ARL, USA


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