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3rd Advances in Cement-based Materials: Characterization, Processing, Modeling and Sensing

Cements 2012;
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Meeting Description  

The 3rd Advances in Cement-based Materials, hosted June 10-12, takes place at University of Texas at Austin in Texas. The conference will be held in Edward Cockrell, Jr. Hall (ECJ) at 301 E. Dean Keeton St. Austin, TX 78712. The Della Roy Lecture, The Computational Materials Science of Concrete: Past – Present – Future, will be given by Edward Garboczi, NIST Fellow, Materials and Construction Research Division. This year’s workshop is Novel Experimental and Computational Tools and will feature Andreas Lüttge and Rouzbeh Shahsavari, Rice  University; and Jeffrey Chen, Lafarge Centre de Recherchei. Cements 2012 is co-organized by the Cements Division of ACerS and the Center for Advanced Cement-based Materials.


Congratulations to Jeffrey Bullard and Robert Flatt for winning the 2011 Stephen Brunauer Award for the paper: New insights into the effect of calcium hydroxide precipitation on the kinetics of tricalcium silicate hydration; published in the Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2010. 93(7): p. 1894-1903.


Technical Program  

The technical program covers these symposia:

  • Cement chemistry and nano/microstructure. Hydration of cement, aqueous thermodynamics
    and high-temperature chemistry, supplementary cementitious materials, structure and
    properties of C–S–H and C–S–H composites, and microstructure evolution.
  • Advances in multiscale material characterization. New developments regarding experimental
    techniques for characterizing hydration, nano/microstructure, early age properties, rheology,
    hardened properties, durability, and other physical and chemical phenomena of cementitious
    materials and cement-based composites.
  • Alternative cementitious materials and material modification. Manufacture of next generation
    cements, including low energy/”green” cements, geopolymers, and other novel
    binders. Addition of nano-sized and nano-structured materials, including organic additives
    and their interactions in cementitious systems.
  • Multiscale concrete durability. Properties of cement pastes governing durability, concrete
    deterioration mechanisms, methodology for testing durability, transport processes, and
    service life predictions.
  • Advances in computational material science and chemo/mechanical modeling of cement based
    . New developments in modeling the behavior of cement-based materials,
    including chemical, mechanical, and physical behavior as applied to durability and
    interaction of cementitious materials with the environment; hydration kinetics and
    microstructural evolution modeling.
  • Smart materials and sensors. Advances in sensor technology for monitoring fresh, hardened
    properties and physical and chemical degradation processes.

Online registration is closed. Please register onsite for Cements 2012.

On or Before
May 10, 2012
May 10, 2012
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Nonmember $340 $465
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By co-locating with ACBM, the Cements Division will build upon our core audience, offer strong student activities for training and bring in new members.

Zachary Grasley
Program Co-chair
Texas A&M University
Assistant Professor
(979) 845-9961

Maria Juenger
Program Co-chair
University of Texas at Austin
Associate Professor
(512) 232-3593

Jeffrey Chen

Program Co-Chair

Head,Microstructural Design
Competency Group


Cements Division Leadership
Division Chair: Paramita Mondal, University of Illinois
Chair-Elect: Benjamin Mohr, Tennessee Tech University
Secretary: Kyle Riding, Kansas State University
Trustee: Joseph J. Biernacki, Tennessee Technological University
ACBM Leadership
Director: Jason Weiss



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