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H7: Thermomechanical behavior and performance of composites



This symposium will provide a forum for presentation and discussion of recent research and development activities in elevated temperature mechanical behavior of ceramic matrix composites. The symposium will include thermal, mechanical, and environmental behavior of all ceramic composite systems, including oxide as well as nonoxide. Attention will be given to presentations covering experimental results for different composite systems, including constituent content and fiber– architecture effects; developments in elevated temperature testing; developments in modeling for thermal, mechanical, and environmental conditions; and design considerations for a range of environments and mechanical conditions.


Proposed session topics:


• Creep, creep-rupture, and fatigue of ceramic matrix composites

• Stress–environment interactions at elevated temperatures

• Elevated temperature test techniques

• Modeling thermal, mechanical, and environmental behavior of ceramic matrix composites

• Design and transition experiences and realistic component testing of ceramic matrix composites




Gregory N. Morscher, University of Akron, USA

– Triplicane Parthasarathy, UES Inc., USA

– Hejun Li, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China

– Jacques Lamon, National Centre of Scientific Research, France

– Craig Przybyla, US Air Force Materiel Command, US Air Force Research Laboratory, USA

– Frank Zok, University of California Santa Barbara, USA

– Marina Ruggles-Wrenn, Air Force Institute of Technology, USA


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