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H9: Component testing and evaluation of composites



Advanced ceramics, composite materials, and ceramic structures are developed for critical components for modern systems, such as stationary gas turbines, jet engines, space propulsion, transportation, and frictional devices. Long-term reliability under relevant conditions is a key issue for the materials’ use in specific applications. To provide reliable and predictable use of these components, a deep understanding of mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties of ceramic composites is necessary. Correlations between service conditions and component behavior by loading, deformation, fatigue, thermal shock, or corrosive attack are of great interest. Based on experimental data, new modeling and simulation tools will provide lifetime prediction of components for present and future applications.


This symposium focuses on new testing methods, experimental characterization, and evaluation of composite materials and complex components, including analysis of joining methods; functional performance of complex devices; and new methods for material diagnostics and structural health monitoring to assure functional reliability. Additionally this symposium addresses evaluation of experimental results and virtual interpretation and simulation of material properties to optimize design of components and predict reliability and lifetime.


Proposed session topics:


• Mechanics, characterization techniques, and equipment

• Processing–microstructure–mechanical properties correlation

• Mechanical, thermal, and corrosive testing

• Fatigue evaluation

• Characterization of components, joint structures, and integrated composites

• Ultrasound, acoustic, and optical characterization

• Structural health monitoring

• Nondestructive evaluation

• Modeling and simulation

• Defect effects and lifetime prediction




Dietmar Koch, German Aerospace Center, Germany

– Greg N. Morscher, University of Akron, USA

– Tatsuya Hinoki, Kyoto University, Japan

– Laifei Cheng, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China


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