The Air Emission Issues in Glass Melting Furnaces (2 DVD set), taught by C. Philip Ross, reviews aspects of air emissions from glass melting furnaces, including the historical regulatory trend (past, present, and near future), issues for permitting of new and existing furnaces, as well as agency perspectives on drivers to change emission standards. Each category of air emission type is reviewed relative to the different mechanisms of generation in glass furnaces, methods of measurement and monitoring emission levels, and furnace operating check lists for each criteria pollutant to minimize their emissions. The discussion includes the preferred means of reducing emissions via process modifications, as well as various “add-on” equipment technologies.


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Course Agenda

DISC 1 (1 hr 47 min)

Part 1: Criteria Pollutants and Measurements

Part 2: Glass Segments and Furnace Types

Part 3: Permitting Issues

DISC 2 (1 hr 48 min)

Part 4: Emissions Sources and Generation Mechanisms

Part 5: Furnace Operations - Process Control
Part 6: Add-on Control Technologies
Part 7: Conclusions

Instructor Biography

After graduating with a B.S. in Ceramic Engineering from the University of Illinois, Phil Ross began a successful 50 year career in the glass manufacturing industry. For 27 years he held line and staff positions in the container and tableware glass segments, including 15 years as the V.P. of Batch & Furnace Engineering for Kerr Glass. Responsibilities have included raw material selection, glass formulation, and the design, construction, operation and environmental compliance for glass melting furnaces. As an independent consultant he has performed services for more than 170 companies in 30 countries. He is a Fellow of The American Ceramic Society, and served on the Advisory Board for the Conference on Glass Problems for 25 years.



List = $390 ACerS Member = $325

This is a joint educational project between ACerS and the Glass Manufacturing Industry Council.

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