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S4: LEDs and Photovoltaics—Beyond the Light: Common Challenges and Opportunities


EMA 2014


In today’s Green Economy, Photovoltaics and LEDs are complementary technologies that approach semiconducting materials from opposite directions: One generates electricity by efficiently capturing (sun)light, and the other generates light by efficiently consuming electricity. Both technologies have similar challenges to overcome before widespread utilization can be effectively realized. Surprisingly, though, there has been little dialog between the two technical fields. This Symposium attempts to draw these two technical disciplines together in an effort to attack similar problems from alternative points of view. Arguably the greatest challenge to each of these systems is cost, which is directly linked to nearly every technical aspect of these systems, ranging from semiconductor efficiency to device reliability. Many of these issues could be overcome in both disciplines, for example, with the development of highly efficient semiconductors (>60%), high light extraction/absorption of the substrate/chip/optical systems, better optical coupling, and high-speed, low-cost manufacturing. Issues of reliability could be addressed through the development of environmentally stable materials and encapsulants, better thermal management, and reliable thermal and electrical interconnects. This symposium presents an opportunity for the presentation and discussion of the common problems and creative solutions key to advancing of these next generation technologies.


Proposed Session Topics

  • Advances in active layer materials (Si, GaN, CdTe, CIGS, etc.)
  • Charge transport interfaces
  • Transparent conductive electrodes
  • Transparent, thermally conductive encapsulants
  • Thermal management (substrates, die-attach, TIMs, cooling, etc.)
  • Environmental stability & lifetime
  • Rare-earth free materials
  • Optical coupling: novel light extracti

Session Organizers

  • Adam M. Scotch, OSRAM SYLVANIA, USA
  • Erik D. Spoerke, Sandia National Laboratories, USA

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