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S11: Thin Films and Interfaces: Stability, Stress Relaxation, and Properties


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Thin films and interfaces are critical to a wide range of electronic applications, serving as active and passive components, as semiconductors, conductors, dielectrics, and insulators, and as diffusion barriers, adhesion layers, and electrochemically active layers. A major issue with thin films is their microstructural stability during use. Thin films may be highly stressed due to deposition and these stresses may change during use due to causes ranging from inherent instability due to interfacial dewetting to highly localized fatigue damage, fracture, delamination, and whisker and hillock formation under changing states of stress. Significant microstructural changes may accompany electromigration and interdiffusion. This symposium will explore the thermodynamics and kinetics of thin film instabilities for ceramic, metal, and polymer thin films and structures, as well as methods to observe thin film breakup directly under different conditions and techniques for stabilizing thin films for a range of applications. In addition, focused sessions are planned on fundamental studies of structure, properties, thermodynamics and kinetics of electrochemically active surfaces and interfaces such as those found in fuel cells and rechargeable batteries.



Proposed Session Topics

  • Interface thermodynamics & its relationship to microstructural evolution during dewetting
  • Thin film stress development and relaxation
  • Kinetics of dewetting, creep, grain boundary grooving, interface fracture, and deformation
  • Morphological evolution in response to curvature, stress, temperature, and magnetic fields
  • Structure, properties, thermodynamics and kinetics of electrochemically active surfaces and interfaces, particularly as they relate to maximizing reversible power density, efficiency, minimizing side reactions, and controlling interfacial impedance

Session Organizers

  • John Blendell, Purdue University, USA
  • Wayne Kaplan, Technion – Israeli Institute of Technology, Israel
  • Carol Handwerker, Purdue University, USA
  • R. Edwin GarcĂ­a, Purdue University, USA

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