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S1. Multiferroic Materials and Multilayer Ferroic Heterostructures: Properties and Applications



This symposium will provide an international, interdisciplinary forum for scientists and engineers from academia, industry, and national laboratories interested in research, characterization, development, manufacturing, design, and applications of multiferroic materials and multilayer ferroic heterostructures. The symposium covers a wide spectrum of research activities, from basic science to technological applications. Additionally, this symposium will unite researchers from a broad range of disciplines to discuss current state-of-the-art, physics, engineering, and future challenges of multicomponent, multifunctional materials. Organizers seek papers focusing on understanding such materials systems utilizing theoretical, experimental and/or novel sophisticated characterization methods. The relationship between materials growth, microstructure, and the relation between microstructure and physical properties will be highlighted. Emphasis will also be devoted to applications of these materials in sensors/actuators, energy harvesting, and solid-state heating/cooling.


Proposed Session Topics

  • Transport properties of multilayer multiferroics
  • Multiferroic thin film growth, materials design, and processing
  • Interfaces in multilayered ferroic heterostructures, functionally-graded ferroics,artificial multiferroics
  • Structure: defects and doping; the relationship between materials growth,microstructure, and physical properties
  • Theory and modeling of multiferroics
  • Technological applications ranging from medicine to aerospace industry: tunable high dielectric materials for high frequency applications; microelectromechanical systems (MEMS); sensors, transducers, and nonlinear optical devices; vibration damping, actuators, artificial muscles, self assembled actuators and devices

Symposium Organizers

  • S. Pamir Alpay, University of Connecticut, USA
  • Daniel Shreiber, U.S. ARL, USA
  • Ichiro Takeuchi, University of Maryland, USA
  • Timothy Haugan, U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, USA


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