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S5. Multifunctional Nanocomposites



This symposium provides a platform to present and discuss recent advances in the growth, characterization, design, property prediction, and study of interface phenomena in nanocomposite oxide thin films. Topics include identification of materials  design strategies to discover novel phenomena in this class of materials and theoretical prediction of material properties using first-principle calculation methods; synthesis of multilayer oxide thin films and vertically aligned nanocomposites; structure,  defect, and interface characterization and their relationship to material properties; and device fabrication for energy harvesting, memories, actuators, sensors, optical, electronic and optoelectronic applications. Specific areas of interest are magnetic,  electric and photonic properties as well as electronic and thermal transport phenomena of oxide thin films, vertical nanocomposites, lateral multilayers and structures with quantum-confinement.


Proposed Session Topics

  • Synthesis and growth of nanocomposite oxide thin films including heterostructures, layered structures, superlattices, and vertically aligned nanocomposites
  • Influence of growth, stoichiometry, doping, strain and microstructure on properties of nanostructured oxide thin films and vertical aligned nanocomposites
  • Microstructures and defects characterization 
  • Strain, microstructures and functionality tuning in vertical aligned nanocomposites
  • Novel phenomena arising from structural distortion, charge redistribution, as well as spin and orbital order rearrangement in proximity to the oxide interface
  • Theory, modeling, and first-principles calculations of nanoscale phenomena in functional oxide thin films
  • Functionalities including ferroelectric, dielectric, magnetic, magnetoelectric and photonic properties as well as electronic and thermal transport characteristics of single-phase and nanocomposite oxide thin films
  • Device fabrication of oxide thin films and nanocomposites for energy harvesting, memories, actuators, sensors, optical, electronic, and optoelectronic applications


Symposium Organizers

  • Roman Engel-Herbert, Pennsylvania State University, USA
  • Aiping Chen, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
  • Judith L. MacManus-Driscoll, University of Cambridge, UK
  • James Rondinelli, Northwestern University, USA
  • Bharat Jalan, University of Minnesota, USA
  • Junwoo Son, Pohang University of Science and Technology, South Korea
  • Oliver Bierwagen, Paul Drude Insitute for Solid State Electronics, Germany


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