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25th International Congress on Glass (ICG2019)



Call for papers!  Submit your abstract by January 15, 2019







Meeting Description  


Make your plans now to attend the International Congress on Glass (ICG) 2019 in Boston, Mass., June 9-14, 2019, to join the expected 1,000 attendees, and over 900 papers and posters representing the best and brightest glass science and technology minds in the world.

Held every three years, the International Congress on Glass has been providing valuable networking and collaborative efforts since the late 1980s. ICG 2019 will include:

  • Special recognition of the 100th anniversary of GOMD
  • Technical, cultural, and historical excursions in and around the Boston area.
  • Student career roundtables
  • Student poster contest 

Save the date for this important glass science and technology meeting. ACerS Glass & Optical Materials Division is the ICG 2019 host.


Symposia and Sessions  


S1 Glass Structure and Chemistry
  Session 1: Definition of Network Formers and Network Modifiers (ICG TC03 & TC26)
  Session 2: Glass and Melt: Macroscopic Properties and Structure of Melt at High Temperature (ICG TC03 & TC26)
  Session 3: Metallic Glasses
  Session 4: Chalcogenide Glass Structure and Chemistry
  Session 5: Borate Glasses
  Session 6: Phosphate Glasses
  Session 7: Silicate Glass Structure
  Session 8: Crystallization of Glasses and Glass-Ceramics (ICG TC07)
  Session 9: Sol Gel Glasses
  Session 10: Metal-Organic Framework Glasses
  Session 11: Glass-Organic Adhesion
S2 Glass Physics
  Session 1: Glass Transition and Relaxation 
  Session 2: Nucleation, Crystallization, and Phase Separation 
  Session 3: Glass under Extreme Conditions 
  Session 4: Topological Constraint Theory of Glass 
  Session 5: Modeling and Simulation (ICG TC27)
  Session 6: Glass Surfaces (ICG TC19)
  Session 7: Mean-Field and Low-Dimensional Theories of Glasses 
  Session 8: Optical Properties of Glass 
  Session 9: Strength, Fracture, and the Mechanical Properties of Glasses (ICG TC06)
  Session 10: Acoustic Properties of Glass 
  Session 11: Thermal Properties of Glass 
  Session 12: Electromagnetic Properties of Glass 
S3 Glass Technology and Manufacturing
  Session 1: Raw Materials, Batch Melting, and Fining (TC18)
  Session 2: Glass Furnace Operation and Design (TC21)
  Session 3: Glass-Refractory Interactions
  Session 4: Glass Forming Operations
  Session 5: Towards Carbon-Free Glass Production
  Session 6: Glass Recycling and Sustainability
  Session 7: 3D Printing of Glass and Rapid Prototyping
S4 Emerging Applications of Glass
  Session 1: Energy and Environmental Aspects – Fundamentals and Application
  Session 2: Glass in Healthcare (TC04)
  Session 3: Glass-Based Integrated Optics
  Session 4: Glass in Sensor Technology
  Session 5: Glass for Buildings and Transportation
  Session 6: Glass and Glass-Ceramics for Packaging and Sealing
  Session 7: Photosensitive Glasses and Glass-Ceramics
  Session 8: Glass for Nuclear Waste Immobilization (TC05)
  Session 9: Quantum Dots and Nanocrystals in Glasses
  Session 10: Glass Materials and Devices for Photonic Systems (TC20)
  Session 11: Fiberglass (TC28)
  Session 12: Multimaterial Fibers
  Session 13: Open Session on Glasses for Pharma (TC12)
S5 Glass Education (TC23)
S6 Arun K. Varshneya Festschrift
S7 Archaeometry (TC17)



Organization Chair  

ICG 2019 Congress President

Richard Brow

Missouri University of Science & Technology



ICG 2019 Program Chair
John Mauro

Pennsylvania State University




Program Committee

Carol Click (Corning Incorporated, USA)

Jane Cook (Corning Museum of Glass, USA)

Juejun Hu (MIT, USA)

Lina Hu (Shandong University, China)

Mathieu Hubert (Corning Incorporated, USA)

Julian Jones (Imperial College London, UK)

Gurbinder Kaur (Thapar University, India)

Ken Kelton (Washington University, USA)

Lisa Klein (Rutgers University, USA)

Takumi Fujiwara (Tohoku University)

Hong Li (NEG, USA)

Lisa Manning (Syracuse University, USA)

Matthieu Micoulaut (UPMC, France)

Doris Möncke (University of Jena, Germany)

Gerardo Naumis (UNAM, Mexico)

Madoka Ono (AGC Asahi Glass Research Center, Japan)

Mingying Peng (South China University of Technology, China)

Ana Candida M. Rodrigues (Universidade Federal de São Carlos, Brazil)

Morten M. Smedskjaer (Aalborg Unviersity, Denmark)

Mette Solvang (Rockwool International, Denmark)

Randall Youngman (Corning Incorporated, USA)

Yuanzheng Yue (Aalborg University, Denmark)

Anita Zeidler (University of Bath, UK)

Marina Konon (Institute of Silicate Chemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)


The American Ceramic Society values diverse and inclusive participation within the field of ceramic science and engineering. ACerS strives to promote involvement and access to leadership opportunity regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, appearance, geographic location, career path or academic level.

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