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MCARE 2012 Student Contests


Materials Challenges in Energy 2012



Materials for Energy Conversion Contest
The purpose of the materials for energy conversion contest is to promote collegial competition among students in the spirit of the MCARE meeting by having teams build an energy device at their university, then use it to attempt to move water up a vertical distance using contest-supplied energy sources.  The contest is open to both graduate and undergraduate students. Faculty and other non-students may advise, but students must do all the design, assembly, and testing work on the system.


Student teams work together to build, perfect, and test an energy conversion device at school prior to the conference.  At the conference, each team will have 5 minutes of setup time to get their system connected and prepared, after which time they will have 10 minutes of active competition to move as much of the water as possible from the bottom of one bucket into the other bucket. After the 10 minutes is up, the amount of water in the second bucket will be measured, and the team that moves the most amount of water in the given time frame is the winner. The winning team will receive a cash prize and a certificate. In addition, the “Most Innovative Design” will also win a cash prize and a certificate. View the official contest rules. To register a team for this design contest, contact Cory Bomberger or Tricia Freshour.


The student poster competition is designed to allow students to display their research in materials relevant to alternative and renewable energy applications. Graduates and undergraduates are encouraged to participate. During the conference, the posters will be judged, and the winners will be presented with an award.

Free Student Registrations – SOLD OUT

For many students, attending conferences can prove to be a challenge due to financial constraints. We are happy to report that Sandia National Laboratories and the DOE’s Office of Electricity have worked with ACerS to offer a limited number of complimentary registrations for students participating in either the MCARE 2012 Student Poster Competition or the MCARE 2012 Materials for Energy Conversion Contest.



Meeting attendees may download a PDF version of the MCARE 2012 roster.

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