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Zhengyi Fu

Chief Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology



Bio process-inspired synthesis and processing for new structures and functions


In studying and mimicking the well-defined structures or unique functions of biomaterials, scientists have succeeded in designing and synthesizing bio-inspired materials and functions. Biological systems’ structure-forming process is the result of many billion years of evolution, which efficiently and accurately fabricates biomaterials under environmentally benign conditions, in contrast to our present technological world where harsh conditions are common prerequisites. Hence, learning about the natural structure-forming processes in bio-mineralization, photo-synthesis, and other biological systems—referred to as ‘bio process-inspired synthesis and processing’—are necessary to develop new synthesis and processing techniques.


The following will be discussed: research, work and findings about natural organism-directed synthesis of new materials and functions; genetically-engineered, living organism-directed synthesis of new structures and functions; organized and confined controlled structure formation, directed by rationally designed multi-functional proteins; amd artificial synthesis, inspired by photo-synthesis. The bio process-inspired approach extends to present chemical methodology materials-production, especially under environmentally benign conditions.




Zhengyi Fu is chief professor of materials science and engineering at the Wuhan University of Technology; and a Cheung Kong Scholar of the Ministry of Education of China. He received a B.S. degree and an M.S. degree in inorganic materials from the South China University of Technology; and a Ph.D. in materials science and engineering from the Wuhan University of Technology. He finished part of his Ph.D. research work in the University of California, Davis, USA. His research fields are focused on fast sintering for ceramics-based materials, design of new structure and new functional materials, bio-inspired synthesis and fabrication for new materials. He has published 330 scientific papers and obtained 38 patents.


Fu has been awarded two Second-class Award of National Technology Invention Prizes (2012, 2015), and one Third-class Award of National Science and Technology Progress Prize (1997) issued by the State Council of China. He has been awarded or given the titles as National Outstanding Scientific and Technical Professional by the China association for science and technology (2016); Academic Leader for Outstanding Innovative Group of National Natural Science Foundation of China (2015); National High-level Talents Special Supporting Expert by the state council of China (2014); and National Science Award for Distinguished Young Scholars by National Natural Science Foundation of China (1999). He is editor-in-chief of Ceramics International, and global ambassador of The American Ceramic Society.









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