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Sintering of Ceramics Short Course 2015

October 8-9, 2015  |  9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.; 9:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Location: In conjunction with Materials Science & Technology 2015 (MS&T15), Hilton Columbus Downtown, Columbus, Ohio
Instructor: Mohamed N. Rahaman, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Engineers and scientists in industry, national laboratories, and academia involved in the research, development, and production of ceramics; professionals interested in continuing education. The course includes Sintering of Ceramics, by M. N. Rahaman.

Course Description  

The course will follow the key topics in the text book, Sintering of Ceramics, by M. N. Rahaman, CRC Press, and will be supplemented by detailed ‘case studies’ of the sintering of specific ceramics and systems.

This two-day course covers the following topics:

  • Review of sintering basics: methods for characterizing sintering; driving forces; diffusion and defect chemistry
  • Solid-state and viscous sintering
  • Microstructure development and control
  • Liquid-phase sintering
  • Special topics: effect of inhomogeneities on sintering; sintering of composite systems, adherent thin films and multilayers; effects of solid solution additives (dopants) on sintering; reaction sintering (sintering with a chemical reaction); viscous sintering with crystallization
  • Sintering practice: furnaces and support materials; effect of materials and process parameters on sintering; pressure-assisted sintering; microwave sintering, spark plasma sintering and flash sintering; examples of sintering cycles
  • Case studies: Sintering of nano-ceramics; sintering of solid-oxide fuel cell systems; sintering of ceramic matrix composites; sintering of non-oxide ceramics and ultra-high temperature ceramics
Learning Outcomes  

Attendees will develop sufficient background in the principles and practice of sintering to be able to (i) do sintering to achieve specified target microstructures, (ii) understand the difficulties encountered in practical sintering, and (iii) take practical steps to rectify the problems encountered in producing required target microstructures.

Instructor Biography  
Mohamed Rahaman

Mohamed Rahaman

Dr. Mohamed N. Rahaman is Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Director of the Center for Biomedical Science and Engineering at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. Rahaman’s research interests cover processing, sintering and microstructure control of advanced ceramics along with biomaterials for bone and tissue repair and regeneration. Rahaman is a Fellow of the American Ceramic Society, the author of four books, including Sintering of Ceramics, and the author/co-author of over 250 publications.

Cancellation Policy

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