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Taught by Dr. Mohamed N. Rahaman, the course covers sintering basics; diffusion and defect chemistry; solid-state, viscous and liquid-phase sintering; microstructure development and control; and much more. Approximately 11 hours of instruction.

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Engineers and scientists in industry, national laboratories, and academia involved in the research, development, and production of ceramics, as well as professionals interested in continuing their education will benefit from this course.

DVD Description

The course follows the key topics in the text book, Sintering of Ceramics, by M. N. Rahaman, CRC Press and will be supplemented by detailed ‘case studies’ of the sintering of specific ceramics and systems.

DISC 1 (2 hours 14 minutes)
Introductory Review of Sintering
sintering fundamentals
a) Thermodynamic driving force
b) Diffusion and defect chemistry
c) Chemical potentialDISC 2 (2 hours 8 minutes)
Solid State & Viscous Sintering
a) Mechanisms of sintering
b) Sintering models
c) Predictions & deficienciesGrain growth & microstructure control
a) Grain growth basics
b) Models and theories of grain growthDISC 3 (2 hours 7 minutes)
Grain Growth & Microstructure Control
c) Grain growth control
d) Grain growth in porous compacts
e) Simultaneous densification & grain growthLiquid Phase Sintering
a) Role of liquid phase
b) Kinetic & thermodynamic factors
DISC 4 (2 hours 8 minutes)
Liquid Phase Sintering (cont)
c) Mechanisms of liquid phase sintering
d) Use of phase diagrams and activated sinteringSintering Practice & Special Techniques
a) Furnaces
b) Particle size and particle packing
c) Heating schedule and size of articleDISC 5 (2 hours 25 minutes)
Sintering & Special Techniques
a) Sintering atmosphere
b) Microwave sintering
c) Field-assisted sintering
d) Pressure-assisted sinteringCase Studies
a) Constrained sintering
b) Reactive sintering/hot pressing
c) Sintering and crystallization of glass
d) Development of textured microstructuresDISC 6 (46 minutes)
Examples of Sintering Procedures

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Buy Now! List: $780         ACerS Member:  $650

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Learning Outcomes

Attendees will develop sufficient background in the principles and practice of sintering to be able to (i) do sintering to achieve specified target microstructures, (ii) understand the difficulties encountered in practical sintering, and (iii) take practical steps to rectify the problems encountered in producing required target microstructures.

Instructor Biography
Mohamed Rahaman

Dr. Mohamed N. Rahaman is Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Director of the Center for Bone and Tissue Repair and Regeneration at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. Rahaman's research interest cover processing, sintering, and microstructure control of advanced ceramics along with biomaterials for bone and tissue repair and regeneration. Rahaman is the author of four books, including Sintering of Ceramics, and the author/co-author of over 150 publications.