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Global Community FAQ

Membership Questions

Why is it important for me to become an ACerS member?

Through the meetings and conferences that ACerS sponsors, people from all over the world have the opportunity to share ideas, network with each other, learn from one another, and contribute to an exchange of ideas and knowledge. The Society connects you to a host of technical and professional resources, as well as a network of people that you’ll find invaluable. Not only will you have access to the top-ranked journals in the field of ceramic materials and technologies, you’ll also benefit from exceptional technical meetings, publications, and an extensive, resource-rich website.

Perhaps most importantly, you’ll be a part of the premier community for ceramic scientists and engineers in the world. You’ll find this to be a welcoming community of people willing to share their technical expertise, recognize achievement, and help you connect to others who share your research interests. Discover additional member benefits of ACerS.

How can I join ACerS?
Membership in ACerS is easy.  Join online or visit Individual Membership to learn more.

How can my company join ACerS?
Companies, national laboratories, academic institutions, etc. are represented by Corporate Membership. ACerS offers two levels of participation, based on company size. For membership details, visit Corporate Membership. You may also visit the Corporate Member Listing to see who is already receiving the benefits of membership.

I just graduated last year. Is there any discount on membership dues for young professionals who are just starting out?
If you have just graduated, your first year as an Associate Member is free. The following year your Associate Membership dues are just $40. After that, when you’ve become more established in the working world, your dues will be the prevailing individual dues. To learn more, contact Tricia Nicol.

I am a student. How can I join?
ACerS is a key partner in Material Advantage, a combined student program that provides access to the four preeminent societies in materials science and engineering. Students who are enrolled in at least 10 credit hours per term at a recognized college or university are eligible for student membership for only $25 per year. Visit the Material Advantage site to join.

Travel Information

Where can I find information on travel to the U.S.?
Once registration opens for an ACerS-sponsored meeting, you will find links to guide you on obtaining a visa, as well as an invitation letter, and hotel and transporation information. Other valuable information, including such items as currency exchange and time zones, can be found at Another website for foreign travelers is that of the U.S. Department of State,

How soon should I apply for a visa?
All visa applicants are encouraged to apply early (at least 3 months before they need to travel to the United States).
It currently takes about 8 weeks for the Department of State to complete all the necessary administrative processes to have your visa issued.

Membership Benefits

Do I get print and online access to the Bulletin and ceramicSOURCE as part of my membership?
Yes, print copies of the Bulletin are mailed to you each month and you have unlimited online access as well.

Do I get print and online access to the ceramic journals too?
Members get free, unlimited online access to the Journal of the American Ceramic Society (fully searchable dating back to 1918) and to the International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology.
Print subscriptions to these two journals are available to ACerS
members at greatly reduced prices. For example, the non-member print
subscriber price to the Journal is $1,692, while the member price is
only $199 (2009 prices). That’s a savings of almost $1,500, just for
being a member of ACerS.

I want to find out who else in my country is a member of ACerS so I can contact them. How can I do this?
Members can access the online membership directory and search by
country, state, or city to find a listing of all members in your area.
There are also many other ways to search the online directory, such as
by name, company, division/section affiliation, or even by an award
they’ve won. As long as the member you are searching for is an active
member, and you are too, you will be able to find that person in the

Do I need a certain numbers of years of ACerS membership to be eligible for Society awards?

That depends on the award. Some awards
require up to 5 years continuous ACerS membership, others do not
require membership at all. You need to read the nomination criteria for
each award to see if membership is a requirement.

Financial Investment

How much does a membership cost?
That depends on the type of membership. An individual membership costs
only $115 per year. We also offer senior, student and post-graduate
memberships at a reduced rate. A corporate membership is either $300 or
$950 depending on the size of the company. The descriptions in the membership pages of this website will help you know which category fits your situation.

I just lost my job. Is there a temporary free or reduced dues rate that I qualify for?
Yes, ACerS offers a short-term free membership to laid-off or
unemployed members to help you through this difficult time. This
enables members whose dues are up for renewal or whose membership has
expired within the last six months to get 6 months free membership in
the Society, followed by another six months of free membership upon
request. Contact customer service and ask about this option.  Be sure to use the ACerS Career Center in your job search. Post your resume at no charge and review the open positions that are listed there.

Can I renew for more than one year at a time?
Yes, you can renew for as many years as you like and lock in the
prevailing dues rate when you prepay. ACerS also offers an automatic
credit card option where your membership is renewed at the prevailing
dues level and your credit card charged 30 days prior to your
expiration. You don’t need to do a thing!

Are divisions, sections and classes included in my membership dues or do I pay extra for those?
Membership in one division is included in your dues. You are welcome to join additional divisions for $10 each. There is a small charge for Sections and Classes, although NICE (National Institute of Ceramic Engineers) is free.

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