Show off your demonstration skills!

Make a video to showcase how ceramic and glass science is so awesome.

Science is involved in every aspect of daily life, and it’s important that we, as scientists, are able to accurately and succinctly demonstrate how the general public is impacted by this. In ceramic and glass science, we often attempt to educate the public through community outreach events that perform demonstrations of the scientific concepts that govern our world.

This virtual competition, organized by the ACerS President's Council of Student Advisors (PCSA), is designed to be another outlet to help educate the public while advertising the community outreach that you and your university/group already perform. And, you can receive the proper recognition for doing so.

Gather a group - or - go solo

Get a group of fellow students together and submit a video conducting a ceramic and/or glass outreach demonstration.

Examples of student groups could be:

  • Keramos student chapters,
  • Material Advantage student chapters,
  • University research groups, or
  • Anybody you know that puts on ceramic or glass science demos

Or, you can go out on your own and submit a video individually.  It's up to you!

How to compete

  1. Submit your video via the special Facebook group for this competition. Shown below are the video requirements and specifications:
    • Size = maximum of 1GB
    • Length = No more than 7 minutes
    • Resolution = 1080p
  2. In addition to your video, submit a short summary of your demo, based on the following questions:
    • What are the scientific concepts you are showing?
    • How are you showing these concepts?
    • What age groups is the demo geared toward?
    • How often have you given this demo?

Review the guidelines as well as submit your videos and summaries below.


EXTENDED to April 30, 2019 


Scientific and Viewer's Choice prizes will be given in the amount of $250 each. In addition, the top three demo videos will be recognized at the MS&T conference in October 2019.


Contact the PCSA Programming Committee for more information about the ACerS Next Top Demo Competition.

Also, Check out the 2018 Next Top Demo contest winners!

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