The ACerS PCSA Mentor Program is designed to equip student leaders in materials science with the insight, tools and connections necessary to make a lasting impact in their future career.

If you are a PCSA, Keramos or GGRN student seeking to gain technical expertise in your field of study, professional development skills, practical advice, encouragement or support, then please consider applying for the program. Space is limited! Sign up early to ensure a spot in this year's program.

If you have been successful in your materials science career and are seeking to give back in any of these areas, then please consider applying to be a mentor. You will be leaving a lasting impact on an amazing materials science student!

Perspectives from 2018-2019 Mentor Program participants

I loved the phone calls with my mentee. We connected with each other on the first phone call. The framework of each monthly email was great to initially direct and structure our discussions however we rarely needed them. It was mostly the two of us riffing and having conversations around items that were on my mentee's mind. Sometimes the topics were pressing and sometimes exploratory but regardless I was able to share my experiences and methods that worked for me in the past as well as what I do presently. I hope it is a relationship that continues well into the future throughout both of our professional lives.

Jorgen Rufner - Mentor

My mentor, Jorgen, helped me with so many things during my first year of graduate school! He gave me great advice on figure-making when I was preparing to give my first seminar on my research and technical communication when I travelled internationally to Japan with my research group. He also opened my eyes to what it is like transitioning from working at a large company to a smaller one and the pros and cons of each type of job. We have very similar personalities and were able to relate to each other in so many ways! Getting to meet in person at MS&T 2019 in Portland was the icing on the cake of a wonderful mentorship program! I'm looking forward to keeping in touch with him throughout my time in graduate school and my future career!

Victoria Christensen - Mentee

Jorgen and Victoria are pictured below at MS&T19 in Portland, Oregon


If you would like to participate in the mentor program, please fill out one of the options provided below.

If you are a PCSA, Keramos or GGRN student you may apply to be a mentee.

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Personalized advice on professional development

The mentorship program, facilitated by the External Partnerships Committee of the ACerS President’s Council of Student Advisors, gives students the chance to obtain personalized advice on professional development.

The conversations with my past mentor gave me great insight into day-to-day academic life for young faculty. I was also able to get answers to questions I had about things such as time management, developing good writing habits, networking, and conflict resolution. The mentorship program has added a lot of value to my graduate training.

Levi Gardner - mentee