ACerS recently learned that Society Member Carlton Hogue passed away on April 24, 2008, in Mesquite, Texas.

Hogue served with the 52nd Fighter Group, 2nd Squadron also known as The American Beagle Squadron, of the United States Army Air Force during World War II in North Africa, Italy, and Great Britain. Throughout his life, he maintained strong ties with his fellow veterans and authored the alumni association’s newsletter for many years.
Upon discharge from the Army, Hogue attended the University of Wisconsin, studying engineering. In 1946, he was hired by Kimberly-Clark Corp. where he was instrumental in the research and development of an additive used in brick manufacturing. The additive continues to be a brand leader sixty years later – Additive A.

During his professional career, he proved to be an energetic proponent of the ceramic manufacturing community, joining the American Ceramic Society in 1960. He was a member of the Southwest Section of the Society, serving as its chairman, counselor and secretary-treasurer. Not only did he promote membership and meetings and author the Section’s newsletter, he also was a tireless booster of the Southwest Section Scholarship Fund. As an enthusiastic advocate of the Section Companions Programs, he established the Carl and Barbara Hogue Southwest Section First-Lady Award. Hogue was an ACerS Fellow and a two-time recipient of the Southwest Section’s Harry E. Ebright Service Award.