Jack A. Rubin died during a medical procedure at Poway Pomerado Hospital, Jan. 16, 2007. A resident of San Diego, he was 71.

Rubin held a BS in geochemistry from San Fernando Valley State College. In 1956, he took his first step into a lifelong career in advanced ceramics at Atomics International, where he pioneered new ceramic production techniques. He then worked at Gladding, McBean & Co. before cofounding Ceradyne Inc. with Joel Moskowitz in 1967.

Rubin, who became vice president/technical director of Kyocera International Inc. in 1978, has continued to work within the ceramics community at companies such as Interamics, Microelectronic Packaging Inc., Raychem and Polese Co. He participated in the Gemini, Apollo and Space Shuttle programs, authored many scientific papers, and held 17 patents.

Rubin leaves behind his wife, Erica, one sister, three sons and a grandson.

An emetitus member of ACerS, he was affiliated with the Refractory Ceramics Division.