MST19 science outreach PCSA

Science and everyday life cannot and
should not be separated

-Rosalind Franklin

Communicating science to nonspecialist audiences is something scientists do almost every day, be that from writing grant applications and teaching students to participating in public outreach events or speaking to their company’s upper management. Yet knowing how to communicate science effectively to these different groups is a skill not always taught in school.

Below are some useful resources on communicating science effectively to nonspecialist audiences.

Science communication: What it is and how to do it

Science communication is the practice of informing, educating, and raising awareness of science-related topics to a variety of audiences.

The resources below will help you understand the history and importance of the science communication field, and provide you tips on good communication practices that come in useful regardless of the audience to whom you are speaking.

Public outreach: Best practices and examples

Science popularization is the subset of science communication whose audience is the general public. The goal of science popularization is to inform and foster a scientific way of thinking among the general public because “By bridging the gap between science and society, the benefits of scientific knowledge can be used to improve daily lives; empower people; and find solutions to global, regional, and local challenges.” (UNESCO Kalinga Prize for the Popularization of Science)

Public outreach—particularly science demos—are an important part of science popularization that universities play a big role in coordinating and performing. Below are resources that explain best communication practices for outreach and provide a list of good science demos and activities (with an emphasis on materials science).

Writing grants: Strategies for successful proposals

Funding is essential for conducting scientific research. In academia, funding is often secured through grants, yet many students are not explicitly trained in how to write successful grant proposals.

The resources below offer strategies and recommendations for writing clear, precise grant proposals.