Gain an in-depth view of the mechanisms behind this revolutionary science in this second DVD series by the late Dr. Larry Hench—leading bioglass researcher, industry expert, and thought leader. This nine-lecture short course provides detailed insight into the discovery of bioactive materials, with reviews of animal models and clinical applications. Additionally, obtain an overview of the mechanisms and technology behind bioglass bonding, toxicology and biocompatibility, with a particular emphasis on characterization strategies and how to determine the best method of quality assurance.


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Learning Outcomes

This nine-lecture short course series provides detailed insight into the discovery of bioactive materials, with reviews of animal models and clinical applications. Taught by the late Dr. Larry Hench, the course also provides an overview of the mechanisms and technology behind bioglass bonding, toxicology and biocompatability, and a particular emphasis on characterization strategies and how to determine the best method of quality assurance. For additional short courses in this series, visit

Course Agenda

Disc 1Surface Chemistry & Characterization of Bioactive Glasses Short Course

Lecture 1: Introduction and Objectives (04:14)

Lecture 2: The Discovery of Bioactive Glasses, Evidence of Bonding, and Animal Models (49:54)

Lecture 3: The Strength of the Bone-Bioglass Bond (45:47)

Disc 2

Lecture 4: The Bonding of Bioactive Glasses to Tissues (35:05)

Lecture 5: Mechanisms of Bone Bonding—Part I (52:41)

Disc 3

Lecture 6: Mechanisms of Bone Bonding—Part II (40:29)

Lecture 7: Soft Tissue Bonding, Compositional Dependence of Bonding, Classes of Bioactivity—A and B (45:19)

Disc 4

Lecture 8: Toxicology and Biocompatability Testing of Bioactive Glasses (43:32)

Lecture 9: Characterization of Bioglass, Glass-Ceramics, and Ceramics (1:09:46)

Instructor Biography

henchThe late Dr. Larry Hench was University Professor, Biomedical Engineering Program, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida, Professor and Director of Special Projects at the University of Central Florida, Visiting Professor at Kings College/Guy’s Hospital University of London, Guest Faculty at the Department of Bioengineering at Florida Gulf Coast University, and Emeritus Professor at the University of Florida and Imperial College London. For 10 years Dr. Hench served as Co-Director of the Imperial College Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Centre. He assumed the Chair of Ceramic Materials at Imperial College in 1995 following 32 years at the University of Florida where he served as Graduate Research Professor, Director of the Bioglass Research Center and Co-Director of the Advanced Materials Research Center. He completed his Bachelor of Ceramic Engineering degree at The Ohio State University in 1961 and his PhD in 1964. Dr. Hench received almost all the awards in ceramics, materials science and biomaterials that are possible, including membership in the National Academy of Engineering and the ACerS W.D. Kingery Award. He was also a Fellow and Distinguished Life Member of ACerS. Hench died in December 2015.


List = $355       ACerS Member = $295

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