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 Orton-ACerS Refractory Technology Program

Discover the Refractory Technology Program brought to you by The Edward Orton Jr. Foundation and The American Ceramic Society. This exceptional program is meticulously designed by refractory experts to empower individuals seeking career advancement in the ceramics field.

Program Highlights

🔹 Tailored Learning Paths: Choose from two distinct refractory technology tracks, allowing you to curate your learning experience based on your career goals and skill requirements.

🔹 Expert Instruction: Benefit from the wealth of knowledge shared by Dr. Joseph Homeny and other experienced Orton staff members. With decades of experience in both industry and academia, you'll gain insights that are second to none.

🔹 Advantages for Students:

  • Expand Knowledge: Learn from leading experts, acquire new insights and refresh existing knowledge.
  • Enhance Skills: Elevate your job skills and performance, positioning yourself for greater success.
  • Unlock Opportunities: Improve your potential for career advancement and professional growth.
  • Complimentary ACerS Membership: Enjoy a one-year membership, connecting you with a valuable network when you complete a certificate program.

🔹 Benefits for Employers:

  • Employee Motivation: Demonstrate your investment in employees, motivating them within the organization.
  • Improved Performance: Witness enhanced employee performance translating to improved overall results.
  • Competitive Edge: Strengthen your company's competitive stance in the market.
  • Positive Impact on Bottom Line: The program's benefits can lead to a measurable improvement in your bottom line.

Two Dynamic Technology Programs

Choose from our two comprehensive technology programs, each designed to provide a deep understanding of refractory technology and its applications. Upon successful completion of the courses within a program, you will earn a certificate from industry-recognized organizations serving the refractory industry.

Secure your spot today and embark on a journey of career growth and excellence in the ceramics industry. Explore the registration rates for each course on their respective webpages. Don't wait – ignite your career now with the Refractory Technology Program!

Refractory Technology Certificates

(Two certificates available through Orton Ceramics)

Basic Refractory Technology  

 Complete the below courses:

Intermediate Refractory Technology  

Complete the below courses:

Instructor Bio

Joseph Homeny


Joseph Homeny is technical director of the Edward Orton Jr. Ceramic Foundation, Westerville, Ohio. He holds a Ph.D. in ceramic engineering from Pennsylvania State University and M.S. and B.S. degrees from Rutgers University. He has industrial refractories experience in the research laboratories of the J.E. Baker Company and North American Refractories Company, and industrial glass experience at Owens Corning. Prior to joining Orton in 1992, he was a professor in the ceramic engineering department of University of Illinois. Homeny is active in the refractories and advanced ceramic committees of ASTM.

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