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Are you an engineer, scientist, operations professional, or student looking to increase your materials science knowledge? Our short courses expand on foundational topics and will equip you with the skills required for today’s marketplace.

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This two-day course will cover the principles and practices in sintering.

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This half day course provides an introduction to machine learning and materials informatics for materials science

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This two day course addresses the mechanical properties of ceramics and glasses for elastic properties, strength measurements, fracture parameters, and indentation hardness.

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A must-attend course at ms&t19!

Introduction to Machine Learning for Material Science

with Joshua Tappan, Bryce Meredig, and John Mauro

What can you expect from this course?

This course will provide an introduction to additive manufacturing with a focus on ceramics.

Topics will include:

  • Introduction and principles
  • Advantages over traditional subtractive manufacturing processes
  • Materials
  • Techniques and equipment
  • Current and future applications

This half-day course is held in conjunction with GFMAT-2/Bio-4 in Toronto, Canada.

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