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Are you an engineer, scientist, operations professional, or student looking to increase your materials science knowledge? Our short courses expand on foundational topics and will equip you with the skills required for today’s marketplace.

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Learn about the applications of ultrashort laser pulses to study and process glasses, ceramics, and glass-ceramics.

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Learn the fundamental mechanisms of glass corrosion from a panel of experts.

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This course provides an introduction to additive manufacturing with a focus on ceramics.

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Electroceramics in Modern Technology: Applications and Impact

Those working in the field of electronic materials, devices and application will benefit from this course.

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This two-day course will cover the principles and practices in sintering.

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This half day course provides an introduction to machine learning and materials informatics for materials science

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A must-attend course at Ceramics Expo!

Additive Manufacturing of High-Performance Ceramics

with Shawn M. Allan (Lithoz America LLC), Holly Shulman (Alfred University), Isabel Potestio (Lithoz GmbH), Jesse Blacker (ExOne), Thomas Henriksen (Ceramco Inc.), Brandon Cox (Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies), Cathleen Hoel (General Electric Research Center), Iris Heibel (CERIX – Bosch), and Dominik Reichartzeder (Lithoz GmbH).

Who should attend this course?

The course is specifically suitable for people from the fields of company strategy and development, research and development, universities, construction, design, production, supply chain management, product development, and innovation development.

Leading experts from various companies will share their insights on several areas of ceramic additive manufacturing. This day-long course is held in conjunction with Ceramics Expo 2019.

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