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Dispersion and Rheology Control for Improved Ceramic Processing

Recorded course (six lessons, nine hours of instruction)

Instructor: William M. Carty, Alfred University

This is the recorded version of the live course that was held in 2020 and includes six recorded sessions, each approximately 1.5 hours long.

This course is intended for those who need a better understanding of the variables that control suspension properties, knowledge of the analytical tools needed to decipher defect causes, and the background to have a reasonable place to start when troubleshooting manufacturing problems associated with raw material variations, rheology excursions, and processing problems.

Course description

This course introduces the five factors that control suspension rheology with examples. The five factors include:

  • Powder characterization and the role of powder properties (i.e., density, surface area, and particle size distribution) with hands-on examples.
  • Stabilization mechanisms (electrostatic, electrosteric, and steric stabilization) investigated to provide background for evaluating behavior and trouble-shooting.
  • Aqueous processing and ionic strength
  • Ceramic forming techniques from a perspective that ties all slurry forming techniques together (extrusion, injection molding, tape casting, and slip casting)
  • Defect generation

Course Instructor

Bill Carty Office S

William M. Carty, Ph.D.,  joined the faculty at Alfred University in 1993 and achieved the rank of Professor in 2002, McMahon Professor in 2010, and Chair of Ceramic Engineering and Glass Engineering Science (2008 and 2010). He received a B.S. (1985) and M.S. (1987) both in Ceramic Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla, and a Ph.D. in Materials Science from the University of Washington (Seattle, 1992).

Carty joined Alfred University following a one-year post-doctoral position at Koninklijke/Shell-Laboratorium, Amsterdam (The Netherlands). He has worked closely with industry during his tenure at Alfred University and has generated over $18 million in research funding, mostly with industrial projects or by leveraging industrial funds with New York State funding sources. His current research interests are ceramic processing and microstructural evolution (in both traditional and advanced ceramic materials); tailoring microstructures and porosity for specific applications; the connection between strength and processing; glass batch reactions and melting; and the development of sustainable ceramic manufacturing processes (i.e., energy efficient and environmentally-sound). In addition to teaching and research, he is a world-recognized expert and consultant in porcelains and glazes, ceramic processing, and ceramic manufacturing

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